The Coventry School Foundation announced on Wednesday 19th May that the new Bablake and King Henry VIII School (BKHS), will provide Preparatory and Senior education at two of their three school sites from September 2021. This is a change to the original approach of all Senior pupils being educated at the Bablake site and all Preparatory pupils at King Henry VIII.

This new approach for creating BKHS, the School to be created through the restructure of Bablake and King Henry VIII schools, means that the majority of pupils will continue to go to school on their existing site or will move to the school they had previously expected to join in September 2021. This was a strong preference raised by parents when providing feedback on the original approach.

The Swallows site will close and Nursery and Pre-Preparatory education for children aged three to seven will be located at The Grange, as previously communicated.

Governors took the decision not to proceed with the original approach after further analysis showed that more pupils would be impacted for longer and that development costs would be greater than estimated if the original plan was implemented. They also considered the views of parents, pupils, staff and the wider community.

The new approach will ensure that all pupils enjoy the same access to excellent teaching, small class sizes, broader co-curricular opportunities and outstanding pastoral care.

We will be updating our website content to reflect the new plan. In the meantime, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the support and contributions that are helping us to shape the best possible experience for our future school community.

Andrew Wright
Bablake & King Henry VIII School Project Lead