Bablake and King Henry VIII School will bring together the best of what our schools have to offer into a single all-through school arranged across two sites dedicated to senior and prep pupils respectively. The school will include separate nursery provision. By creating the new Bablake and King Henry VIII School we will be:

Preserving our traditions

  • Our renowned family feel will carry through into the new school, ensuring that our youngest pupils continue to receive the nurturing start when they join us at 3 and that our oldest pupils receive the challenge and inspiration they need to take their next steps when they leave us at 16 or 18.
  • Our new school name reflects our two schools equally; our Christian ethos will continue to sit at the heart of all we do, welcoming children of all faiths and none.

Investing in our future

  • By streamlining four schools into one unique educational establishment we can achieve efficiencies that allow us to pursue an ambitious site re-development programme. Our learning, sports and arts facilities will be continually enhanced for the benefit of pupils, as well as the wider community.

Staying inclusive

  • We are proud of our diverse pupil population and this will remain an important feature of Bablake and King Henry VIII School. Our efficiencies will also ensure that we can keep fees affordable and accessible for as many local families as possible.

Broadening choice

  • Across our schools we already offer an extensive choice of exam subjects, as well as a wide variety of co-curricular activities. As Bablake and King Henry VIII School we will have scope to broaden that choice even further so that every pupil, whatever their age, has the opportunity to discover new talents and take them as far as their ambition dictates. 

Uniting our talents

  • We will retain and develop teaching talent, including investment in leading-edge CPD (Continuous Professional Development), to offer a well-rounded, diverse and inclusive academic curriculum that allows children to achieve to the best of their potential.
  • By combining our sporting, artistic and academic talents we open up more competitive opportunities for all. 

Building our community

  • Led by a single leadership team, and driven by a single vision and ethos, Bablake and King Henry VIII School will create a consistent, family-oriented all-through school experience in which pupils are known and valued and can thrive intellectually, socially and emotionally. 
  • We will continue to play an active role within the city, and strengthen links with local employers and universities. 

Creating opportunity 

  • Bablake and King Henry VIII School will become a beacon of excellence, forged from the best of all that our existing schools offer.
  • We will be ambitious for each and every pupil, creating the choices and opportunities they need to have a successful Bablake and King Henry VIII School experience that prepares them well for their next steps.