Our schools are renowned for their special feeling of family, warmth and positivity. It is a feeling that parents remark upon when visiting our schools for the very first time, and that pupils experience throughout every school day. It is an atmosphere generated by the knowledge that each and every person within our schools is truly valued as part of our family; supported through their challenges, encouraged to grow and celebrated when they succeed.

That family feeling will continue into Bablake and King Henry VIII School, offering a warm nurturing start to education in nursery, continuing through the prep years and into seniors providing opportunities, challenge, support and inspiration to ensure every child leaves us well-educated, well-rounded and well-prepared to pursue their chosen path in life.

Our sense of family brings out the best in each person in our community. It creates a special bond between our pupils, inspires our teachers and support staff to always go the extra mile and creates a lasting link between our school and alumni who enrich school life long after they leave us.

Our bursary programme is designed to ensure that as many local children as possible can benefit from the opportunities our school has to offer. We will continue to enable young people with academic and other talents of all backgrounds to benefit from a local independent school education.

We are proud of the role that each part of our family plays.

Our pupils are intellectually curious, informed about the world around them, intuitive to the needs of others and have a deep integrity that inspires them to want to make a positive contribution to their community and to the world around them.

Our families are an extension of our family, supportive of our ethos, collaborative in striving for the best and committed to being active members of our community.

Our alumni are a diverse body of proud, life-long advocates, who share a deep bond with each other and with current generations of pupils based on the education and experiences gained within our schools. They are committed to contributing in any way they can to help ensure the success of current pupils.

Our leaders are bold in their vision, inspiring in their values, caring in their behaviour and committed to bringing out the best in their pupils and colleagues.

Our staff are passionate about challenging and supporting every pupil in their care, constantly striving to bring learning to life in exciting new ways and committed to continually growing their own skills and experience.

Our governors are committed to educational excellence and our school aims, driven by deep belief in our Christian values and what our Foundation stands for and unafraid to challenge to ensure the very highest standards.

Our partners are supportive of our ambitious vision, driven to provide opportunities to our pupils and passionate about helping us to achieve excellence across all areas of school life.